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Honour to whom honour is due

It is 1894 and Ada Nield works as a ‘finisher’ in a clothing factory in Crewe.  Discontented by the rampant favouritism and the lack of a living wage paid to its female employees, she anonymously writes a series of letters to the local newspaper exposing the inner workings of the factory.  What follows will not only change her life but forms part of the fabric of the early suffrage movement.


Based on the life and writings of Ada Nield Chew, this new play, written and produced by Platform Theatre, tells the exhilarating story of this working class heroine during one of the most important moments in British social history.

ADA premiered at the Crewe Lyceum Theatre in June 2019.

For details of our curriculum support package designed around this production and to download resources, click through to our Education Zone.

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